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As a team of professional plasterers, we undertake all aspects of plastering from small fixes to complete renovations and we deal with all properties regardless of age or condition.

We work mainly for the private sector but also provide our services to Insurance Companies
as we can organise most trades such as electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, decorators, etc.

plastering : : : plastering

Plastering your ceilings and walls is a fantastic way to add value to your property.

The whole purpose of plastering is to achieve a flat, uniform finish to allow for decoration
such as paint, tiles or wallpaper.

Plastering has many benefits over the installation of drywall.

A two coat plaster finish is more durable and will last longer than dry lining.

It has a better appearance and is easier to decorate. It is for these reasons that most
people prefer the method of traditional plastering to the newer method of dry lining.

Take a look at our FAQ section for the most frequently asked questions !

over boarding : : : overboard

We can remove your old ceiling completely and install new plasterboard in preparation for plastering.

Alternatively, we can overboard directly over your existing ceiling.

This method involves less time and mess. It can increase the sound proofing qualities
and insulation values of your room and more importantly, provide better safety from fire.

If you are looking to change your textured ceiling to a flat surface then
over boarding can be ideal for the majority of cases.

plastering over artex : : : artex

In most cases it is fine to plaster over artex as it provides a good key for the plaster to adhere to as long as the artex has been properly prepared and treated with a PVA solution.

Unfortunately, even if the artex appears solid, sometimes the weight and wetness of new plaster
can pull the artex away from the ceiling causing bubbles to appear.

For this reason we would always recommend over boarding the artex ceiling prior to plastering
as this way we can guarantee the finish and durability.

coving and mouldings : : : coving

Interior coving and mouldings were originally designed to highlight the wealth of 17th and 18th century stately home owners.

Modern versions are mostly made from plastic or polystyrene but we prefer to use proper plaster coving encased in paper. This is slightly more expensive but longer lasting and easier to decorate.

We can supply most types of coving to meet your requirements or match with your existing.

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